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Bio: 50 Words

Kristy is a Nurse, Behavioural scientist, podcaster and author. She is also a mum to a beautifully witty tween.


Kristy has a passion for health, wellness and behaviour change. She explains this further through her books, podcasts and programs.

Bio: 100 Words

Having worked in the healthcare industry for over a decade as a Nurse and Behavioural Scientist Kristy lives and breathes health and behaviour change. 


Kristy is passionate about helping to reduce burnout in industries prone to it, through empowering a radically self responsible holistic approach to health and wellbeing using behaviour change strategy.


Kristy showcases and touches on how we can find healing in her books, podcasts and programs, Kristy shares her education and skill set developed to help her heal from burnout.   Facing some at times hard to handle realities, Kristy found better boundaries and healthier relationships not just with others, more importantly with herself.

Bio: Media and Podcasts

Kristy is a Nurse, Behavioural scientist, podcaster, best selling author and founder of Project InBetween where she designs and delivers health and wellness change programs for professionals to help reduce burnout, stress and emotional trauma. 


Kristy knows what the throes of stress, grief and trauma can do for the human psyche. Not only from her decade long career within healthcare, also with lived experience of burnout. It was not a fun time but she found healing!  So was born Project InBetween. 


Why Project InBetween? Put simply healing can only happen “InBetween” from initial trauma to ‘healed’ the healing is found InBetween this time. Kristy seeks to help lessen or ease the ‘InBetween” length of time after stressful and traumatic events. Healing is possible all it takes is time, self-care and the right kind of support.

Speaking: Topics

  • Stress and Burnout prevention strategies

  • Behaviour change strategy

  • How stress can hijack the brain and cause miscommunication

  • Grief and trauma

  • The power of habit

  • Understanding the brains fight or flight system

  • Understanding the Nervous system and how it affects behaviour

  • Why Emotional intelligence is imperative today

  • Embracing the slow

  • Becoming a radical self responsible - Self interventionist

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