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Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of your brain health?
Do you have an interest in the Mind, body connection? 
Have you lost your spark?

This book will help you to, refind your spark bring back the once held passion for your work and life and help you to see your purpose in life. Which is to live, to love and enjoy healthy relationships - however that looks for you.

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Take a look at Kristy's expertise on Health, Wellness and Human behaviour change. She is an advocate for healthcare professional health and wellbeing and has a passion for brain health and development as it pertains to how we all cope with stress, trauma and grief as children and adults.

Dealing with Death as a Nurse

Nursing can yield many personal rewards, satisfaction and joy. It can also be the source of many challenges and frustrations. Nurses are vital healthcare professionals and see countless patients through horrendous injuries and severe illnesses that could easily take their lives. Unfortunately, they may experience the death of a patient in any routine workday, and the impact can be extreme.


AusMumpreneur - Finalist 2022

Category: Women will change the world


Dr Caroline Buzanko 

- Parents of the Year
Episode 27 - Guest episode

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Nena Hart
 Nurses Making Waves Podcast -
Hart Healthcare Solutions

August 2022

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Merendi Leverett 
(Exercise Physiologist -
Merendi Health and Wellness 
Authentic Healthpreneurs

Season 1 ep: 11


Dr Stefan Neff (Anaesthetist)
Podcast/YouTube channel

A Different Life Story

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Burntout? Here's how to 180 that issue.
By Katie


Mental Health Awareness summit  2022

Kristy presented in the Mental health awareness summit with other Healthcare professionals. Speaking on her experience with Burnout and how she healed from it 

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