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With my help, you will get out of over productive, overthinking, hyper vigilant burnout mode and into restful, restorative healing mode in 30 days or less. In order to enjoy the beauty this life has to offer.

Kristy x

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Hey There!

Meet Kristy a Nurse, Behavioural scientist, Reiki master, author, and mum to a beautiful tween daughter. That's a whole lot of 'expertise' right! Kristy has the Mind, body, soul connection down pat. She is the Founder of Project InBetween, a holistic health and wellness website. Don't let those labels fool you, Kristy has a wicked sense of humour (thanks to Nursing) she is deeply perceptive and intuitive, she loves working with people from all walks of life. Kristy loves being of service and has volunteered for institutions like PANDA, Red Cross, feeding kids at risk of homelessness and the Smith Families iTrack program. We are all human beings - everyone deserves the right to live on this earth healthy, educated and feeling good about themselves.

Kristy has spent nearly 15years within healthcare - working in acute and chronic health settings such as general medicine, palliative care, mental health, day surgery, research, and data analysis. Despite living and working in a deeply left brained world she is incredibly creative and intuitive with a hint of country quirk. She is an advocate of the whole person holistic centred approach to health and wellbeing. Especially when it comes to Burnout prevention and healing.


A holistic mind, body, spirit approach was the only way Kristy found deeper longer lasting healing.  When we have a deeper connection with oneself, we burnout less or not at all. Becoming healthier, happier humans - Who doesn't want to live a great life?

In the last 15 years Kristy has developed a very specific 3 step process that will help you to come OUT of Burnout or prevent it all together. Kristy helps you build your own buddha bowl for your soul. One that addresses your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. When these four areas are in alignment, we show up better in our relationships, work life and regain balance.

Kristy is deeply passionate about helping others to learn how to use their own inner guidance systems to help direct and navigate toward healthier decision-making processes. Leading to a deeper sense of inner peace, health, and everything InBetween. Kristy says, when we quiet the mind long enough and listen to the silent whisper and follow that true north, we can't make a bad' decision, only true and correct ones.


Develop a personal buddha bowl for your soul that includes creativity, movement, meditation, nutrition, and hydration - this helps reduce, and decrease the workload of the nervous system. Moving from overthinking - fight or flight survival mode. Into our bodies where real healing happens.

Kristy has written two non-fiction books based on her experience as a burnt-out nurse, how it showed up for her and the importance of self-care, creativity and connecting to the inner spirit within, when it comes to health and healing.

Non-Fiction books

Book 1: Confessions of a Professional Overthinker

Book 2: The 30-day Self-care Solution for Overthinkers

Writing forms, a large part of Kristy's 'Buddha bowl' it’s important to have a creative outlet to keep both sides of the brain alive and active. Kristy has always had some form of writing or reading apparatus attached to her side since she was a small-town country kid. Journals, typewriters, romantic fiction books you name it. Writing is her alter ego's way of relieving stress and it works.


What's your way of relieving stress and burnout? Reach out and let Kristy help you restructure your whole world and move towards making positive life affirming change that will change your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

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