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First 7 days of the Self-care solution: Make the slow move toward thrive mode today

Healthcare Burnout Download: Free resources to print off and place around your unit.

Grounding Meditation: Feeling stuck in your head? Overthinking and foggy? back out now!

Inner Energy balance: A checklist to see where you are leaking energy, and what you can do to bring it back

Self Love Lotto: Play a game, grab a dice and see which one you win!

Wellness: Gain access to our free 'added extra' Wellness resources page

Journal: Stuck with how to scream and express yourself on the page? DL here

Hi, I'm Kristy!

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As a Nurse and Behavioural Scientist in the healthcare industry for more than a decade. I live and breathe health and behaviour change. 

I have worked in environments that challenged me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. However, something inside me said - something needs to change, and that something started with me.

By empowering a radically self-responsible holistic approach to health and wellbeing, I am now passionate about helping to reduce burnout in industries prone to it.

As a form of healing, I started writing to help me cope with burnout. I wanted to learn more about why people were continuing to be chronically unwell and why, we humans do the things we do.


Sharing my findings through other the teachings of other health professionals, and spiritual teachers. I found the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of healing helped me to 'come back to life' after feeling like a walking sleep-deprived zombie for many years.

I now actively choose to live a zen-like pace of life.  One that embodies using practices such as Reiki, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Somatic body movements and many other amazing holistic health practices. It helps me to feel grounded in inner peace and put on my own oxygen mask first. I now have better boundaries, healthier relationships and a much deeper love and understanding of humanity.

You can also hear more from Kristy on her Podcast - "Project InBetween - The Podcast" 


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